Welcome Pri-mates

‘Chaos is a friend of mine.’

— Bob Dylan

Hey Prime-Mates,
So, I know you’re already down with the idea that the first humanoids had a rad diet and exercise regime. But did you also know that they were mad travellers? And when I say mad, I mean crazy, like wandering from Africa to Alaska kind of crazy.
Sounds batshit insane, right? I mean why leave the fertile grounds of the African savannah to go off to the freezing cold of Alaska?
Well, obvs, it’s cos that’s what we crazy cats called humans love to do. We’re built to move. We go where the wind takes us. To seek out the food. Explore. Find the nectar and suck the life out of that shit. And if that means trekking to Alaska, then that’s what we do, man.
You see where I’m going with this, yeah?
The Primal Guy is on the move!

Yep, I’m headed for new pastures. New horizons.

Places where they’ve never even heard my name.
But that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget you guys. No way, no how. You know what? I’m actually gonna take you on my journey, thanks to the wonders of this thing they call the interweb.
Now, I’ve gotta plan, and it’s going to get a little hairy, but you gotta stick with me okay?
As the great man, Bob Dylan, once said, ‘Chaos has always been a friend of mine.’
Or, as the Primal Kid, Talia, would say, ‘Chaos has always been a BFF of mine.’
Peace out dudes.
Ryan (AKA the Primal Guy)

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