Hey Prime-Ordial beings,

How hard is it to be away from the people you love most in the world? I’ll tell you. It’s frickin’ hard. I miss being a family so bad it hurts. Like really hurts, in my gut.
But it got me thinking. Why? I got food. I got water. I got people around me. But something’s missing. My family. But what makes us want to stick together? To commit, forever?

’Cause in the beginning, it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t like that at all. We were basically animals, after all, and it was all about the law of the jungle. The strongest dudes. The toughest. The meanest. They were the ones who got all the ladies and got to procreate with them.
But something changed. The weaklings wised up. They figured out that if they had something to offer the females – like better food, or shelter – then the chicks would dig them more and – here’s the biggie – they’d stick with them.

Monogamy was born. It made, like, total sense, because now the mums also had a partner who’d be around to help out with the kids, instead of being out sewing his wild oats. And it was good for the tribe, ’cause kids could be hard work – couldn’t walk, couldn’t talk, couldn’t get their own food – but now there was this thing called a family, and people were co-operating and, you know where we’d be without co-operation and new generations of kids? Nowhere!
Okay, so now it’s different. Now, there’s a million and one choices and distractions and it seems like it’s harder than ever to make a commitment and stick to it.

It’s not. It’s natural. It’s evolution. It’s how we got here.

Peace out,
Ryan (AKA the Primal Guy)

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