Black Swans

Dear Prime-Timers,
Okay, so don’t drop your phones when you hear this, but, I have news! I’ve been reading. I mean, I’m always digesting the latest and greatest in food and nutrition. But this was an actual book, by my home-boy Nassim Nicholas Taleb. That dude is like the Jesus of the new millennium. You know he predicted the big crash of 2008? Seriously. The guy’s a freak.
Anyway, in his book, he goes back a few hundred years to when the first white dudes turned up in
Australia and discovered this crazy looking bird. It was a swan, but it was BLACK! What the freak? The only swans they’d ever seen were WHITE. They couldn’t believe their freakin’ eyes. It was insane. Hectic. I mean, who’d have predicted it?
But, that’s life, right? Shit happens, and we never see it coming. It’s so predictably unpredictable. Jobs, love, fire, floods, accidents, death – who knows what’s around the corner.
All we know is that we don’t know what’s coming. And, boy, am I learning that. This trip is pushing me so far on the inside I can almost see my own a-hole, and it ain’t so pretty, even with an a-bomb diet.
But here’s the thing – if you know that shit never quite goes how you want, you’re already ahead. If you’re quick and agile and strong, you can cope with any black swan that flies your way. Disasters aren’t the time to bunker down, they’re the time to get moving.
You just gotta be ready to be brave, reach out, grab those wings and fly high.
Peace out,
Ryan (AKA the Primal Guy)
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