Reinventing Yourself

Hey Prime-Numbers,
A stack of dudes (and dudettes) come to The Primal Guy because they wanna reinvent themselves. They say ‘Ryan – how’d you do it, bro? How’d you go from being a douche-bag soft-arse pen-pusher, to being a lean, mean, pre-historic fighting machine?’
You know what? I could give them a bunch of BS about how I was miserable in my job, and felt like I wasn’t living my best life, and you know, crack out the violins and cry me a river.
The truth is this – I wanted to look at myself in a mirror, and like the way I looked in the buff. That’s it! I wanted to look good naked, and I wanted others to admire me. I mean, can you get more superficial than that?
But hey, it worked. 300,000 followers can’t be wrong, right? We’re all pretty surface-level, when you get down to it.
Now I’m in this new place. And I’m having to reinvent myself all over again. Sometimes, it’s tiring, you know. Sometimes, I wish I could just be the tired, grumpy, lazy dick that’s still hiding inside me, somewhere.
But no one wants that guy. They want the Primal Guy. Actually, they want Primal Guy 2.0. The ‘evolved’ paleo guy. And hell, I can do that. I’ll dance however they want me to dance. ’Cause at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which way you get there, it just matters that you get where you want to go.
Peace out,
Ryan (AKA the Primal Guy)

PS Buy one smoothie bottle, get one free for this week only! So great for shaking up smoothies Mon–Fri, then cocktails for the weekend. Hey! A little cheat
every now and again is okay by me. No one’s perfect, right?!

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