How to Get What You Want

Hey there, Prime-Ministers,You know how many people like to run me down for trying to live by pre-historic principles? A shit-load. ‘The world’s moved on, man. You can’t actually go kill a woolly mammoth. It’s the 21st century.’Dude, I know that.What I’m about is learning from the past. Like, there’s this book you’ve probably heardContinue reading “How to Get What You Want”

Burn baby Burn

Hey Prime-Mates,Switch your brains on, dudes! I’ve got a question for you.What’s the most important thing ever invented in this world? The thing that contributed most to human evolution?Now, I know most of you will say ‘the wheel’, right? But dude, you are wrongity wrong wrong wrong.It’s fire.Okay, so I know that humans didn’t actuallyContinue reading “Burn baby Burn”

Reinventing Yourself

Hey Prime-Numbers,A stack of dudes (and dudettes) come to The Primal Guy because they wanna reinvent themselves. They say ‘Ryan – how’d you do it, bro? How’d you go from being a douche-bag soft-arse pen-pusher, to being a lean, mean, pre-historic fighting machine?’You know what? I could give them a bunch of BS about howContinue reading “Reinventing Yourself”