Meet my neighbours at Cuthbert Close!

Beth Chandler

Stay-at-home mother

Beth Chandler can’t quite understand where it’s all gone wrong. One minute, she was perfectly happy as a stay at home mother, loyal wife of twenty years, and caring neighbour. Now, it all seems to be falling apart and she suspects it’s something to do with that new family in Cuthbert Close, the Devines.

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Alex O’Rourke

Corporate Lawyer

Alex O’Rourke’s life is a carefully stacked tower of blocks. There’s her big (too big) career as a corporate lawyer, her beautiful home (and a ridiculous mortgage) in Cuthbert Close, two gorgeous (alright, slightly rambunctious) boys, and a thoroughly decent (too decent?) husband. The last thing she needs is another block, a block that might just send the whole thing tumbling.

Read a sneak peek from Alex’s story

Cara Pope

Freelance Food Stylist

Cara Pope can’t ever imagine leaving the little cottage in Cuthbert Close. It’s where she scattered her husband’s ashes and where she’s raised her little Poppy since birth. Out back is her shed where she does her freelance food styling, and her neighbours – Beth and Alex – are her best friends. She’ll never leave. Never.

Read a sneak peek from Cara’s story

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